Why is junk food so bad for my teeth?

Why is junk food so bad for my teeth?

Some foods are better for teeth than others. Some are downright toxic. General rules are that the more sticky,













the more acidic, and the higher the sugar content, the worse that food is for teeth.

How do acid and sugar affect my teeth?

The acid in food and drinks can eat away at your enamel – causing it to erode. As your enamel erodes, you will become prone to sensitivity, discoloration and most detrimentally, cavities. Foods and beverages may be low in acidity but high in sugar and can be just as damaging. The natural bacteria in our mouths will process the sugar and create acid.

What should I avoid?

Most candy and a lot of the things we drink are harmful. These include sports drinks, energy drinks, and soda, all high in sugar and acid. Even diet soda and fruit juice have enough acid to damage tooth enamel. Innocent sounding carbohydrates like bread can be broken down into sugars and fermented into the acids that causes decay if cleaning isn’t done frequently.

What else can I do?

Make sure to brush and floss regularly. You can brush 30 minutes after eating or drinking to avoid scrubbing away the acid-softened enamel.  Drink lots of water so that your  mouth stays moist and your saliva can neutralize the acid.

Go see your dentist for regular cleanings. You can also take this time to ask questions about any foods or drinks you are unsure about.

Anything else?

Two foods that are actually decay-inhibiting are cheese and pure chocolate (no caramel and candy coating please).


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