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Dental Appliances For Sleep Apnea: Do They Work?

December 29, 2022

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Do you feel fatigued after a restful night’s sleep? Do you frequently snore during the night? You may have sleep apnea if you encounter these issues and feel highly exhausted the next day.

The advantages of sleep apnea dental appliances and various kinds of therapy will be covered in this article.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Your breathing continually stops and starts while you sleep, a medical condition known as sleep apnea. Throughout the night, this might occur hundreds of times. There are three different varieties of sleep apnea, with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) being the most prevalent. OSA occurs when the upper airways become partially or entirely clogged while you’re sleeping.

Why does this take place? When you sleep, the throat’s back muscles loosen up. These relaxed muscles have the potential to collapse and restrict the airways in certain persons. As soon as you stop breathing, your brain detects a threat and partially awakens you to clear your airways. These frequent apnea episodes prevent deep sleep, resulting in persistent weariness and various health issues.

Sleep Apnea’s Effects On Your Body

It would help if you comprehended the significance of getting therapy before learning more about how dental appliances for sleep apnea function. Sleep quality is just as essential for your general health as what you eat and how much you exercise. A good night’s sleep helps you recover from the stress of the day, revitalizes your body and mind, and repairs damage to support optimum health.

Why should you consult with a sleep apnea treatment expert? Because sleep apnea may kill you if it is not addressed. Sleep apnea affects both health and cognitive performance, raising the possibility of workplace mishaps and car accidents.

Advantages Of Oral Appliances For Sleep Apnea

Despite being the most advised therapy for sleep apnea, many patients find CPAP devices intolerable owing to their inconvenience. Within the first year of CPAP therapy, more than 50% of patients stop using it. Oral appliances are more pleasant to wear than CPAP machines, which leads to higher compliance rates and better treatment outcomes.

Dental devices can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep when used regularly and under the direction of your sleep apnea specialist. After the first night of usage, you’ll notice a change in your symptoms. Dental appliances for sleep apnea provide several benefits over conventional OSA therapies since they are convenient and non-invasive. Among these advantages are the following:

  • Portable and simple to handle.
  • Does not require power.
  • Makes no noise at all.
  • Simple to maintain and clean.
  • More economical than alternative treatments.

Getting a Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

Consultation with your doctor is the initial step in receiving an oral appliance for sleep apnea. Your sleep apnea expert will recommend you to a dentist specializing in creating these appliances if they decide that a dental device will benefit you. The dentist will assess your oral health during your initial consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for mouthguards.

To create your sleep apnea dental device, the dentist will take an imprint of your mouth if you are a candidate. Definitive Dental exclusively uses digital footprints to guarantee that mouthpieces fit perfectly. To create your gadget specifically for you, impressions are sent to a lab.

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